Package Business

Pay a monthly fee for a pre-determined number of transactions.

 $   9.95  up to  10 transactions
 $ 19.95 up to  25 transactions
 $ 34.95 up to  50 transactions
 $ 49.95 up to  75 transactions
 $ 79.95 up to 125 transactions
 $119.95 up to 200 transactions


The following fees apply to transactions in excess of the included transactions.

 $   0.75debits or cheques 
 $   0.75credits or deposits


Qualifying transactions:

Deposits, Cheques, Withdrawals, Pre-Authorized payments, ACCULINK ATM transactions, Interac Direct Payment, Global Payment transactions, MemberDirect transfers, TeleService transfers and Bill Payments.


Consolidated Credit Union does not charge additional fees for the following:

Credit Union ATM machine access, inquiries on your accounts, additional Global Payment cards, MemberCard debit cards, number of cheques deposited, number of bills deposited, amount of coin deposited, on-line access and inquiries.