The way our members bank with us is changing. And we're committed to changing with you to stay efficient and sustainable in our community.

Most members are now completing their cash transactions at our ATM or online. Recognizing this trend, we will no longer be offering teller-based cash services at our Borden-Carleton branch. Moving forward, all cash transactions at this branch will be handled through the ATM, or night deposit.

Personal service will still be available for non-cash transactions such as loans, bill payments, investments, and new account openings. Only services such as cheque cashing, coin processing, and foreign currency exchange will be affected.

This change will not result in any staff reduction. The same familiar faces will be on hand to serve you—however, some staff will now rotate between here and our Summerside Branch.

Changing to serve you better will ensure we remain a committed community partner here in Borden-Carleton.

Check out some Frequently Asked Questions below or contact us for more information. Call (902) 855-2066 or stop by 236 Main St.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this happening?

In recent years, members have been transitioning to more automated transactions, i.e., ATMs, online, and mobile banking. This means fewer members are visiting our branches each day. Operating in this new way will allow staff more flexibility to move between our offices in Borden-Carleton and Summerside, ensuring we are well-staffed to meet member needs in both locations, and that we remain sustainable in the Borden-Carleton community.

What does this mean for the Borden-Carleton staff?

There will be no job losses. There will be a minimum of two people in the Borden-Carleton office daily and you will continue to be served by the same people.

How will I access my money?

All deposits will be made through the ATM and night deposit. All withdrawals will be made at the ATM. Staff will be able to transfer funds, pay bills (from your account), and make other non-cash transactions within the office.

Using your Credit Union Debit Card you will continue to have access to your money at thousands of ATMs around the world. You can also continue to make automated transactions through online banking.

If you have not yet signed up for your Credit Union Debit Card, or do not have access to your account online, our staff will be happy to assist you at your convenience.

What services will not be available?

Cash orders, coin orders, and foreign currency will be available from our Summerside location. Borden-Carleton staff will be able to provide cash through the ATM and accept cash deposits through the ATM or night deposit.

Foreign cheques and coins can be deposited through the night deposit, but foreign currency will only be available at our Summerside location. We will offer assistance with all of these transactions.

Will hours of operation change?


What if I have more questions?

Drop by the branch and talk with us. We welcome questions and will provide alternatives to ensure all your financial needs continue to be met.


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