Become a Member


Trust is built over years—generations even. It’s not just about knowing names, it’s about giving honest advice, and sometimes tough advice, knowing that we are doing what is right for our members, sometimes at the expense of making a sale. That’s who we are and that’s how we build trust.

At credit unions, we know that trust is earned. It’s earned through every interaction we have with you—from in-branch to online. And it’s earned through our commitment to putting you - our members - first.

At Consolidated Credit Union you are a customer and an owner.  A better relationship than ensures your needs always come first.  Giving you the power to take ownership of your financial future.

Ownership at Consolidated Credit Union requires a $5.00 share which remains on deposit until such time that you decide to withdraw your membership.

As a shareholder you have access to all products and services offered at Consolidated Credit Union.  You can attend the Annual General Meeting and vote for the Board of Directors.

For information on becoming a customer-owner please contact either our Summerside Main office at (902) 436-9218.