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Summerside Office




 Sarah Millar   General Manager 888-5524    Email 
 Shane MacKinnon  Operations Manager 888-5551 Email


Special Projects

 Linda Hardy  Special Projects; Privacy Officer  855-2066 Email 


Commercial Lending

 Steve Boyd  Commercial Accounts Manager 888-5548 Email
 Garnet Gibson  Commercial Accounts 888-5536 Email
 Amanda Murphy  Commercial Accounts 888-5543 Email


Consumer Lending

 Sandra Reeves  Consumer Loans 888-5529  Email
 Keith Johnston  Consumer Loans 888-5523


 Pete Peters  Consumer Loans and Deputy Privacy Officer 888-5544 Email




 Judy Winchester  Loans Administration  888-5546    Email
 Kelly Culleton  Administrative Services  888-5527  Email
 Debi Gallant  Administrative Services  888-5542  Email 
 Tanya Bernard  Administrative Services  888-5539   Email


Financial Services and Student Loans


 Barb Murphy

 Financial Services & Student Loans

 888-5540  Email 

 Sandra Hickey

 Financial Services & Student Loans  888-5547  Email


Investment Services

 Janet Grady  Investment Services  888-5549 Email


Member Services


 Debbie MacLean  Office Supervisor   888-5535   Email
 Nancy Clark  Receptionist  436-9218  Email
 Nick Clow  Member Services  436-9218  Email
 Dawn Coughlin  Member Services  436-9218  Email
 Ann Ellis  Member Services  436-9218  Email
 Laurie Hickey  Member Services  436-9218  Email
 Mary Lou Profitt  Member Services  436-9218  Email
 John Smallwood  Member Services  436-9218  Email
 Deanna Walsh  Member Services  436-9218  Email



Borden Office



 Sandra Paynter  Financial Services  855-2066  Email
 Sally Paynter  Member Services  855-2066  Email
 Gloria Paynter  Member Services  855-2066  Email
 Margaret Ann Gallant  Member Services  855-2066  Email




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