Get a Pre-Approved Vehicle Loan First and Enjoy Buying Your Next Vehicle

When thinking about your next vehicle, your first step should be a vehicle loan pre-approval at your Credit Union.

Why get pre-approved? Financing your next vehicle from your credit union means you’re getting a loan customized to your needs, from the minute you sign on the dotted line, until the time you make your final payment. A pre-approval is the best way to know exactly how much you really can afford before stepping on the lot, and be in control of your purchase. 

7 Reasons to get a Pre-Approved Vehicle Loan First

  1. Make certain you're picking a car you can afford
  2. Be in control over the vehicle purchase process at the lot
  3. Maximize your negotiating power 
  4. Address any financing concerns up front
  5. No surprises or hidden charges
  6. Cash in on incentives and special offers at the dealer
  7. Eliminate confusing contracts and high pressure financing tactics

When considering financing your next vehicle purchase, it’s important to understand the basics about your options. At Consolidated Credit Union, our financing options are accompanied by features that give you flexibility, and put you in control of your money. 

Features include: 

  • Paying off your loan faster with weekly or bi-weekly payment options.
  • Repaying your loan amount early with no penalties.
  • Making extra payments any time, in any amount, as often as you want, with no penaltie
Next we’ll consider your unique financial situation, to help you determine the loan option that works best for your personal budget. We’ll help you determine whether a fixed rate or a variable rate is right for you. We’ll also help you determine the right payment options and whether fixed regular payments are best for you.

Contact us today to get your pre-approved vehicle loan. No obligation, no strings. Just sound advice from our financial experts who are focused on you and your needs.