You’ve been named as executor. Do you know where to start?

Being named the executor may be an honour, but it’s also a serious commitment. As executor you are the person who is legally obligated to ensure:

  • the estate assets are located, protected and properly disbursed
  • the debts, liabilities and taxes are identified and paid
  • the beneficiaries are kept informed and treated fairly throughout the administration of the estate

And, you are expected to complete these tasks in a thoughtful, caring, and efficient manner; often while you are experiencing the grieving process yourself. It can be a tough job and many who accept an executor appointment don’t fully understand the duties, responsibilities and personal liabilities that come with it.

You are a valued member of our credit union and we’re here to help. We suggest you start with Executor EASE.

What is Executor EASE?
Executor EASE is a program designed to assist executors fulfill their role in administering an estate. The Estate Specialists at Concentra Trust will provide you with a no cost, no obligation estate consultation. They can act as your agent to complete any or all of the tasks associated with settling an estate. You retain the decision-making power and control the cost by selecti ng only the services you require.

Estate Administration
Estate administration is the formal process during which the estate representative identifies assets, settles debts, pays taxes and lastly, distributes the
balance of the estate in accordance with the terms of the Will or laws of intestacy. Estate administration brings a person’s financial affairs to a close.

Whether it’s providing you with professional guidance on estate administration or acting as your agent, the professionals from Concentra are dedicated to helping you through the process and sharing their specialized knowledge with you.

Depending on your circumstances, you may need support in one or a number of areas related to the administration of the estate. Concentra will provide estate administration services in a way that’s right for you. You select the service that fits your unique needs as executor, you control the cost.

Estate administration experts at Concentra fully understand legislative requirements, processes and potential pitfalls that executors often face. This is their business.

Why Concentra Trust?
Concentra Trust, a wholly owned subsidiary of Concentra Financial, is our credit union’s trust company. They have been delivering personal trust services and estate administration to credit union members throughout Canada for over 60 years. They are valued partners in many of the specialized services our credit union delivers to you. Most importantly, we trust them to work in your best interests.

Download useful information for an executor to assist you by clicking the relevant links below: