Your needs will always come first. Period.

As both a customer and owner of the Credit Union, you’re literally the most important person to us.

No commitment, all the benefits

While it may sound like extra work to be an owner of a financial institution, it’s not. You can be as involved in the Credit Union as you feel like. You can chose to simply use our amazing products and services on a regular basis all the way up to leading the strategic direction of the organization, or anywhere in between. The choice is always up to you.

Be a catalyst in your community

Every dollar you put into your Credit Union means another dollar into your community development. All the Credit Union’s social activities and community investments happen right here in your community.

Always close to the decision makers

All the decisions are made in the markets your Credit Union operates in. This means unique community factors are always incorporated into all decisions, reflecting the specific needs of both you and your community.

Be treated as equal

Regardless of the balance in your accounts or the number of products you use, you will always have an equal voice with your Credit Union and receive the same great service as everyone else.

No smoke, mirrors, or fine print

Your Credit Union operates with transparency. We explain the products and services we provide clearly, and that makes us trustworthy, so you can always count on us.

Get your advice from an authority on finances

Your Credit Union is passionate about service, and the overall value we are providing to you. Our dedicated Credit Union professionals focus on listening to your needs and provide sound financial advice for your unique situation. The result is award winning service (six years in a row, in fact).

Get the big picture, not just bits and pieces

Your Credit Union believes in being holistic. We address your needs with an eye on the big picture – finances, lifestyle, and community – whatever is important to you. The result is a balance approach that creates sustainable solutions. We provide you with the financial guidance you need while managing our overall performance as a financial institution. You have access to competitive financial products and own a piece of a successful business.

A financial institution with a conscience

We are centered in the way that we conduct our day to day operations. Because those who bank with us own us, our success is directly connected to their satisfaction. We will do what’s right to provide you with the most effective financial services while still serving the needs of the business.

We change for our Owners

Credit Unions are always evolving to meet the changing needs of our Owners. As a business, we are future oriented. We are constantly looking of ways to improve, or try new things, to better meet the requests of our Owners. Our Credit Union professionals play an important role by listening to you to better understand how to better meet your needs.

No financial management degree required

Your Credit Union works to simplify intimidating financial decisions for you. We keep our communications straightforward. We offer easy-to-use solutions in a manner that is easily understood. We describe our products and services using familiar language, building an equal-level relationship with you.

We’re here for you, not out to get you

Our inclusive nature is at the core of how your Credit Union conducts business. We include you in the business process. This enables us to provide win/win solutions for you as a shareholder, and as a customer.


Want to find out more about ownership? Visit us in person and speak to one of our specialists.